Argentina Judge Sentences Man To Life In Prison And Then Promptly Goes To His Cell To Make Out With Him

Just a classic love story. Almost like a reverse Beauty and The Beast situation where she locks him up and makes him fall in love with her, but it is super easy because like...she created a situation were the only other humans this guy is around are bad hombres. What a power move by her. You can have conjugal visits, bad boy, but they are 100% with me. She was probably salivating over this guy while he was in the courtroom and knew that she couldn't lose him so fuck whatever the evidence says...lock him up and only she has the key to his cell because he has the key to her heart. Crazy move. 

Crazy move BUT...not crazier than her excuse though...I was making out with him for academic purposes only. She scientifically needed to examine his dick and what it tasted like. Needed to know how prison inmates think by how he kisses. Preposterous. Hilarious. Just a perfect internet story to kick off 2022. Argentina always brings the noise