Tennessee's Screw Job Against Purdue Has Officially Been Overturned and Declared a Win (by Paul Finebaum)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank someone I have long lauded as one of the most sensible voices in sports media, Paul Finebaum, for correcting a grave injustice done against the University of Tennessee, its football team and its fans by declaring the Vols' Music City Bowl "loss" against Purdue a win. I want this 8-5 season reflected in the record books.

Jaylen Wright was clearly in the end zone. The whistle didn't blow until after he was in the end zone. It was a touchdown and Tennessee won the game. End of story.

Nobody with half a brain would argue against this, so I'm encouraged to see Finebaum leading the charge to put on a screen somewhere that Tennessee went 8-5 this year. Hell, while we're at it, I'd honestly like to see people recognizing 9-4 as the Vols' official record, given the touchdown officials wrongly took off the board against Ole Miss in a five-point loss — just because Matt Corral didn't think the play was going on doesn't mean it shouldn't count.

I'm mostly over that one, though. I'll settle for everyone agreeing we concluded the 2021 season as Music City Bowl champs. Thank you to Finebaum for leading the campaign for truth and justice.