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Adam Schefter Said The Giants Are Bringing Back Both Joe Judge And Daniel Jones Next Season

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

ESPN- The New York Giants are planning to bring back head coach Joe Judge and quarterback Daniel Jones for the 2022 season, league sources tell ESPN. The Giants believe both Judge and Jones deserve the opportunity to demonstrate their talents next season, even though New York already has been eliminated from the playoffs and has clinched a fifth consecutive season with double-digit losses.

The Giants still are expected to have difficult conversations with multiple members of the organization in an attempt to diagnose all that has gone wrong in recent seasons, and Judge will be a key part of those conversations.

Look at Adam Schefter fucking around and adding a little extra pain to a whole lot of Giants fans' Christmas hangovers. For the record, I don't believe any of this is official until The Carpenter reports it. Schefty may have more sources than Varys and Littlefinger combined, but even he didn't call Daniel Jones' season being over a month before it was official.

But I personally always thought this was going to be the case considering the Maras like making change as much as the Wilpons like spending money. So I suppose the strategy is to see how everyone in the franchise performs once a man with donkey brains is no longer running the franchise after this mamaluke is nudged to Cape Cod for an early retirement with the Giants in the same cap and offensive line problems as when he arrived.

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Don't get me wrong, I hate running laps like an absolute shlep around my house every week after watching my team's coach completely mismanage the clock and pussying out on every 4th & Short. But I'll be willing to give Coach Judge one last shot as long as he hires an offensive coordinator who is above average or at least not running a playbook from the mid-90s and a coach whose only job is to call timeouts. 

Yes I know this probably means Kevin Abrams gets a one year audition for the GM role since no respectable candidate is going to be forced to keep a coach and a QB that haven't won anything. But at this point, I am just accepting reality as a hostage of John Mara's half measure policy like firing Coughlin without firing Reese and benching Eli for Geno fucking Smith then keeping him around two more seasons without a semblance of a line in front of him. It may not be smart or even remotely fun. But it's reality, even though it makes me feel like this.

As for Daniel Jones, I'll ride with my little lamb until the tank of the #Danwagon hits E. If/when the Giants cut ties with him, I am going to hope that he Tannehills the fuck out of us with a new team because nobody deserves the blocking and play-calling that sorry son of a bitch had to deal with during the most important years of his careers. But if he's back next season, the Giants havvvvvve to use at least one of those high picks on O-Line, put Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney in bubble wrap until Week 1 of the season, and throw out any play that has Sweet Daniel running directly into the teeth of the defense even if he is the fastest man alive. 

Anyway, we'll get to next season once this season mercilessly ends. But today, I need Jake Fromm & Co. to go out and beat the piss out of the Eagles in Philly. Fuck it, gimme the +375 on the money line in the Barstool Sportsbook. I know about draft position and all that nonsense. #Somethings are bigger than sports and throwing a grenade on the Eagles playoff hopes is most certainly one of those things and there's nobody* I'd want leading us into enemy territory today with those goddamn black jerseys on than Jake Fromm State Farm.

*Nobody on the active roster