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Benny The Bull Is Skyrocketing Up My Mascot Rankings After Some A+ Trolling Of The Lakers

Gary Dineen. Getty Images.

They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or at least we all think they do based on the 4th century BC sanskrit that phrase comes from. It gained steam back in the 1700s and now is pretty much a common part of our daily life. Well, I have to say that phrase makes a whole lot of sense when I look over to what happened in Chicago last night. Despite that fact that for my own personal rooting interests, my favorite basketball team could have used a Bulls loss last night. But here's the thing. I don't care what the situations are, if you're playing the Lakers I have no other choice but to support you in your endeavors. Those guys can kick rocks. If you have the opportunity to twist the knife? Even better, and that's exactly what the Bulls did last night.

It starts of course with Alex Caruso. You'll remember, the Lakers are apparently such a poverty franchise who is out of money that they refused to pay Alex Caruso more than 2/15M when he was a free agent

Forget that he had just helped them win a title not too long ago and has both tape at metrics that very clearly show he thrives playing next to LeBron. Why want to keep that when you can just give THT $30M? He has to be crushing it right? I guess that depends on your definition of 11 points on 40/27% splits in 28 minutes and 12 starts. Meanwhile, Caruso is having a great year for the 2 seed Bulls and gave the Lakers an up close and personal viewing of exactly what they gave up

Not bad! Especially coming a win. That then gave us this A+ troll from Benny The Bull. Now I don't know what your stance on mascots might be, but I love a good mascot. They are kind of lame when they take things too far and mess with fans, but stuff like that? Love it. When it comes at the expense of the Lakers? Even better.

You see it's funny because it's true. As most good trolls are, that's deep rooted in truth. What do you say to that as the Lakers? No, we don't miss an extremely versatile two way player who can make threes and play All NBA caliber defense? If only they weren't so cheap. That's tough.

Sadly, it got worse. There was another twist of the knife in this game even outside of the Benny The Bull trolling. You see the reason the Bulls even won this game is because of what DeMar DeRozan did in that fourth quarter. 

This one stings because you'll remember the LA native wanted to go to the Lakers in free agency. He thought they had something worked out. Lakers fans filled up our timelines with takes that DeRozan would take veter minimum money to go join LeBron. Then they realized that's not how things work, DeRozan went to the Bulls and is having arguably the best year of his career. Outside of someone like Kevin Durant, I'm not sure there is a better midrange player than DeRozan. It's so automatic and the Lakers had no answer. Maybe if they had a 6'4 combo guard to try defensively on DeRozan it may have slowed him down, but again, they didn't want to pay that dude $15M over two years. 

Oh, and if you reaaaallllllly want to twist the knife, there was also the performance of Lonzo Ball

You really have to give the Bulls some credit here. They've been one of the teams that have had some brutal Covid/injury luck, yet here they are at 18-10, which is the 5th best record in the entire NBA. They are tied for the 4th most clutch time wins in the NBA to go along with the 3rd best clutch time offense (123 Ortg). Sometimes it takes teams time to gel after they bring in so many new pieces, but the Bulls have hit the ground running from the jump and are showing no signs of slowing down, regardless of who is in or out of their lineup. That's pretty unique compared to when you look around the league and what other teams are dealing with. 

So in regards to Benny The Bull, A+. 10/10. Even though I know there will definitely be a time where he'll be able to troll my favorite team, I am willing to put that aside for the moment and join him in enjoying the Lakers misery. That's something I think we all can get behind.