Imagine Waking Up And Seeing One Of The Most Venomous Snakes In The World In Your Christmas Tree

Want a quick way to have your Christmas ruined? By finding one of the most venomous snakes in the world camped out in your Christmas tree. This would be TERRIFYING and it's a totally different situation than we saw in Maryland a few weeks back. This isn't some harmless rat snake or garter snake you would find in your garage. This is the Boomslang from South Africa. So we don't have to worry about them here in the states but this family in South Africa sure does. They saw their cats starring at the tree after they had decorated it and thought there was a mouse or something in it, no big deal. WRONG. Only the most venomous snake in South Africa. They aren't aggressive snakes, but if provoked they will absolutely kill a person with one bite. Terrifying. You can see it has HUGE eyes too, that would not be fun to see lounging around in your tree. It's not a pleasant death either. Your brain and muscles will hemorrhage, you will bleed out of every exit including your gums and nostrils, you will basically bleed out of every hole in your body until you're dead. Sounds great doesn't it? They called a snake expert and he came and calmly removed it. Didn't even use gloves, just some tongs and a snake tube. The snake stayed in the tree for 2 hours before the snake wrangler got there, but a terrifying 2 hours that must have been. Just have to hope the snake is comfortable in the tree and doesn't want to go anywhere.  This doesn't happen with fake trees, just saying. 

The snake was captured and released back into the wild, no harm no foul. But that couldn't have been a fun day for the family, bet they'll think twice about leaving their door open with those bad boys all around them. What a name for a snake too, "Boomslang", love that.