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A Woman In Maryland Accidentally Burned Her House To The Ground While Trying To Get Rid Of A Snake Infestation

As the resident snake guy at Barstool this story was right up my alley. A lady in Montgomery County, Maryland accidentally burned down her entire house while using hot coals to try and get rid of a snake infestation. Read that again. She put HOT COALS in the basement of her house to try and ward off the snakes that are nesting there for the winter. Turns our the hot coals were too close to something that was flammable and poof, burned the whole thing down, caused over $1,000,000 in damage to her house. 75 firefighters showed up to try and put the blaze out, it was a massive fire. This is why you leave snakes alone, they aren't going to hurt you. Chances are these are little garter snakes or ray snakes who are just nesting for the winter. These are absolutely harmless, wouldn't hurt a fly. Actually they control rat, mice, and frog infestation. So the snakes are actually helping the lady out. She should have let them lie! They'll hibernate and you won't even know they're there. These ones wouldn't have harmed her or done anything, but now she has to rebuild an entire house because of HOT COALS IN HER BASEMENT. 

Luckily no one was hurt in the fire, and I hate to break it to her, those snakes probably dipped out of the house when they smelled the smoke. So now she has no house, the snakes are still alive, and they've got to rebuild this huge house. I have 2 snakes of my own and let me tell you, they make great pets. Very little upkeep, feeding once every 2 weeks, it's the best. This lady was LUCKY to have the snakes in her house, it's either a few snakes or hundreds of mice. You pick.