Decoldest Crawford, the Best-Named Player in College Football, Is Headed to Nebraska

I feel like we've known about Decoldest Crawford for five years now. With the amount of time he's been in the college football eye, it seems like he should be graduating, not signing. But after committing to LSU more than two years ago and de-committing earlier this month, Decoldest will go to Nebraska to play for Scott Frost. It was meant to be.

We get great names on National Signing Day every year, but Decoldest Crawford is No. 1 all-time for my money. If the rumor that his middle name was actually "ToEvaDoIt" turned out to be true, I don't see how there'd be any argument he had the best name of any person currently on the planet.

Besides having the coolest name in the FBS, he's actually a damn good ballplayer, too. I want nothing more than to see DeColdest tearing it up for the Cornhuskers next year. It would have been pretty awesome to have him go to LSU and line up across from Alabama DB Kool-Aid McKinstry, but DeColdest is going to tear it up in the Big Ten.