How It feels To Kill A Deer? Red Line Radio Is LIVE!!!

It feels GREAT! We broke down myself, Sydnie and Chief's excursion in the bloodiest, goriest details possible yesterday on Red Line Radio. Kinda. I'll give out one ~spoiler~:

I almost puked when we gutted it. ALMOST. Not quite, almost. Just a few gags. Gotta work on that gag reflex amirite?

But in the end, Red Line Radio is a sports and every day life podcast. Hunting just happened to be a part of 2 of our lives for the last few weeks. I also got on stage and played a MEAN tambourine at Weishfest with my guys from Foxtrot and the Get Down:


There is a back story to this. I was supposed to play guitar to Highway to Hell on stage. Been taking lessons for a while and have kinda/sorta become adequate a little bit but not really at all at it. Then at around 3pm the day of the event I was doing some final practicing on a guitar of mine that needed to be restrung BADLY. It sounded like ass and since I'm a beginner, if something I'm playing doesn't sound perfect, I assume I'm playing it incorrectly. I wasn't, but because the guitar was fucked up I started to get nervous. Then Marc Roberge from OAR FaceTime'd me randomly. His guitar got broken in transit and he asked if he could use the beautiful Taylor guitar he sent me over summer to start learning on. I obliged him, but knowing that I'd be on the south side of Chicago with 1000s of Sox fans and Marc Roberge watching me (probably) fuck up on stage? Yeah no thank you. I got SUPER nervous and was like "fuck no I ain't doing it" when I got to the concert. 

I still have the voice of an angel I decided to grab a tambourine and do a little karaoke sesh. It worked out just fine.

Oh and the Bears played this weekend. I didn't even care to watch them. I probably watched about a half total of the game and it was as ugly as I expected it to be. Apathy for that organization has set in BIG TIME. Say it with me! 









Didn't that feel good? It should have felt good. Not giving a shit about that dumpster fire of an organization makes my life infinitely better. If they were even close to competent I doubt I'd have taken to my new hobby of hunting because my eyes would be glued to the TV every Sunday during fall. Now I don't have to worry about them and it's like a weight off my shoulders.

But there's another Chicago (lol) team that I think's gonna go on a warpath in the coming years:

Brian Kelly bouncing on ND might have oddly been the best thing to happen to them in a long time. I HATE Notre Dame, I hate them with every ounce of my being, but goddamnit do they seem fired up... and that's kinda/sorta first hand knowledge. Weishfest was basically a ND alumni event (the Weishar family has a ton of ties there, including Nic playing TE there) so just in talking to/hearing what a few of the players had to say it sounds like they'll go to WAR for Freeman and that they won't skip a beat. As someone who loves when ND is a middling pile of puke similar to the Yankees, I don't like it. But on the flip side it's good for college football when they're good, so I can live it with. 

The Bulls also did Bulls things over the last week or so. They are *actually* fun to watch and seem to have really gelled as a group. Now THAT is an organization where you have full faith in organizational structure from the GM/VP on down through the 12th man on the bench. 

Hawks stink, Cubs signed Stroman, and we got ourselves another All Gas, No Brakes podcast coming into your ear drums for the week. Subscribe!!!