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We Had An All-Time ROBBERY In Triple Overtime Of A New Jersey High School Football State Championship Game

I mean after first watch this play couldn’t have possibly counted could it? Unfortunately for Clifton High School in New Jersey it did. This QB looked liked he was 2 yards deep in the end zone and all of a sudden the defender is just running 100 yards the other way with the ball?! What the fuck is going on here? I feel like the refs just had no clue what definitively happened in the scrum and had no clue what to call so they just let the play rock. Obviously no replay in high school football so this is just pure tragedy. If I’m a player on Clifton who has probably played football his entire life with the pinnacle of his achievements to win a state title and THIS is how you lose? Absolutely disgusting. 

Now to potentially add insult to injury, there’s another angle of the play and it is clear as day not only had the QB clearly crossed the plane to score the TD, even if he hadn’t both his knees were firmly on the ground when the defender ripped the ball out of his hands. Look at this shit. 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? I thought at first maybe the refs just didn’t get a good look at it but that ref couldn’t have been in a better spot to make that call. That guy is either blind, really wanted to go home or an East Orange alum. Those are the only three rational explanations I have at this moment. It was literally right in front of his face. Clear as day. BLOW YOUR DAMN WHISTLE!!! PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR SIR THAT’S A TOUCHDOWN. At absolute worst he‘s down short of the goal line and the game continues but I think that ball is clearly across the plane. I feel so awful for those kids from Clifton. That’s an absolute shame. That ref should be banned for life. Total disgrace. Wish I had this guys name so I could out him because he is a BOZO. Congrats to the kids from East Orange but that is a tragedy that impacts you for a lifetime. You dream of telling your kids about how you won a state championship on a 4th and goal. Instead you lose it like that. I couldn’t fathom having to live with yourself knowing you lost a state title one some bullshit like that. Brutal is the only word to describe it. Do we need replay in high school football? Some are saying.