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Hawkeye Episode 3 Recap: Are We About To Meet Uncle Mephisto?


If you clicked on this blog recapping a podcast without expecting spoilers, you are crazy person. Nonetheless crazy person, there are SPOILERS ahead because Bob Fox and I think we are getting Kingpin AKA the Mephisto of Hawkeye based on this hand.

Giphy Images.

Ooops, wrong Kingpin. I meant this hand.

Yup, based on everything I learned about Hawkeye in our awesome breakdown pod with Jose Youngs (check it out if you haven't yet) and a gaggle of other clues based on Kingpin's outfit in the comics and the actor's Twitter, I think the big fella is joining us in the MCU maybe as early as next week. This also could open the door for Daredevil and so many other characters from that pocket of the Marvel universe, along with potentially Yelena, who I guess we will call Cousin Mephisto since she isn't quite big enough to be Aunt Mephisto.

However, based on everything I learned from reading Reddit while watching WandaVision and looking for Mephisto, I realize I can be dead fucking wrong which will only lead me to expect for an appearance every week until the series is over followed by me waiting for an appearance in a secret episode that never happens.

Giphy Images.

I use that gif way too much as a sports fan and for all the shows/movies I watch

Bob Fox and I also unveil this week's Sus List, shout out ball pits, relive the sad magic that was KB Toys, embrace debate about if Imagine Dragons is bad, good, or ironically good before diving into how awesome the Nickelback "Rockstar" video was.

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