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Hawkeye May Have Been The Lamest Avenger, But His Disney+ Show May Actually Be Good

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I'm not going to sugar coat it. I wasn't excited when I heard Hawkeye was getting his own TV show considering he's always been the lamest Avenger and his biggest moment came when his coworker killed herself (RIP my dog NATASHEA ROMANOFF). I actually may have rolled my eyes and mentally prepared myself to turn into Comic Book Guy every Wednesday morning after the credits rolled.

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However, that all changed when we got the trailer.

Between the music and the shots of New York City, I got that warm feeling in my stomach that you get on the night before Thanksgiving when you are eating, drinking, and watching college hoops. I figured I would at the very least give it a chance because I'm not going to just skip an MCU series but I wasn't going to get excited about it by any means. At least that is until we had Jose Youngs on My Mom's Basement to discuss the story that the Hawkeye show will be based on.

If you can't get excited about Hawkeye after hearing that, I apologize for whoever threw your soul into a paper shredder. The beauty of Marvel is that they have soooooo much great source material they can cherrypick for their shows and movies, which means even Hawkeye has some interesting shit happen to him. Add in the aforementioned weekly Christmas vibes we get beat over our head like a pair of Jingle bells along with there being a lovable pooch called Pizza Dog being introduced in the series and I'm honestly not sure how this isn't at the very least decent.

Jose did an awesome job breaking down this Hawkeye run in the comics like he did for Eternals, which all the listeners in the basement loved. So check it out and subscribe to My Mom's Basement on YouTube or your favorite Podcast site because there is a ton of fun nerdy shit being released in the coming weeks, months, and year.