Do Dance Battles Need Enforcers?

Okay so first of all, that might be the most impressive 55-second display I have ever seen. Sometimes it's easy to lose faith in humans as a species. Thinking that we're all just a bunch of dumb, slightly evolved apes who would be better off if aliens just came down and put us out of our misery. Then you see a video like that and think to yourself, "hold on. There's gotta be at least a few million life forms out there we'd be able to kick the shit out of. Humans might not be a Power 5 conference civilization but we're at least in the AAC". 

But that's not the point of this blog. Because regardless of how impressive that dance battle was, it was equally as disappointing. I mean how can anybody with half a pulse have this happen to them and not immediately respond via fisticuffs?

They just stood there and took it like nothing even happened. Unacceptable. Somebody pulls down their pants to expose their ass to you and you either have to decide between kissing it or kicking it. Clearly this fella had zero hesitation to break out that move because he had zero reason to fear any consequence. Getting his ass kicked was never in question. Never even registered as a possibility. 

So yes. Dance battles clearly need enforcers. They need guys out there to police the game themselves. The make it abundantly clear to anybody out there that if you attempt to disrespect their crew, they're going to disrespect your face with their fists. Little too much tummy sticks going on here for my liking.