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Ice Wars Episode V: The Refs Fight Back

So much ref on player violence today. First up we had Haydn Fleury on the receiving end of a verbal knockout by this ref after he got hit with a vicious "fuck you". Now we have refs actually mixing it up with players. And I gotta tell ya..

Great on stripes here. I mean it takes a massively gigantic piece of shit to go after a ref. It takes an even abnormally large piece of shit for 2 players on the same team to chase a ref around the ice and try to jump his ass. But if you take it upon yourself to be that guy, AND you end up getting your ass beat in the process? Well somebody should be allowed to come in and take your skates right off your body, throw them in a fire and you should never step foot on a sheet of ice ever again. 

Definitely not this ref's first rodeo. He scores points for the takedown and then pops right back up and immediately starts throwing haymakers. A beautiful combination of skill and instinct. Harnessing focus and unleashing rage.

Obviously we're missing a ton of context from this tilt. It would be great to get some backstory here on why these little shitheads went after the ref like that. But at the end of the day, context doesn't matter. Because the only thing that is for certain here is that if you get your ass beat by the ref after chasing him down on the ice, you should never play hockey again. Stick to soccer or something.