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NHL Players Who Disagree With This Ref's Calls Need To Be Prepared To Get F-Bombed Into Bolivian

Seattle's Haydn Fleury got dinged for a 2-minute tripping minor 5 and a half minutes into last night's game in Buffalo. Understandably, it's been a pretty rough season for Fleury. The Kraken are god awful and he has to just sit there and watch as his old pals in Carolina are one of the biggest wagons in the league this year. Clearly it's been weighing on him. 

You can't blame the guy for being frustrated out there, especially with taking an early penalty. So Haydn Fleury let's his frustrations get ahold of him and he decides to disagree with NFL referee Chris Rooney's call. 

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Now you done fucked up, Haydn. Now you've entered the Terror Dome. You want to tell Chris Rooney you don't agree with the way he's calling a game? You better buckle in, cowboy, because you're in for a good ol' fashion Fuck You Off. 

Poor Haydn Fleury. Just a kid from Saskatchewan. Probably never engaged in a Fuck You Off in his life. Meanwhile, Chris Rooney is a Boston native. He was born for these moments. He probably had his first Fuck You Off before he could even walk. Haydn Fleury took a risk, made a huge miscalculation, and had no chance of coming out of that exchange on top. Probably would have opted to voluntarily take a 5 and 10 at that point. 

Luckily he has a few teammates in Seattle who had his back so after Fleury got fuck you'd to shreds by the stripes, the Kraken would go on to score their first shorthanded goal in franchise history. 

Probably took most of the sting away from that altercation. And later in the period Brandon Tanev also got involved after scoring a shorty while Ryan Donato was in the box. More Boston on Boston crime from Chris Rooney.  

What in the world is going on with Rasmus Dahlin, by the way? He looks terrible. Like borderline should probably take a few weeks i the AHL to figure out his game terrible. 

But moral of the story is players just need to keep their head on a swivel when they're dealing with Chris Rooney out there. Don't want the smoke, stay out of the kitchen.