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Whatever, The Rivalry Needed This. Ohio State Couldn't Win A Hundred Years Straight

Hand up, I was wrong. Michigan won today, and quite honestly, we all needed them to. First win over Ohio State in a decade, and just their second in the last 20 years. The rivalry needed this. It was becoming irrelevant and thankfully they found a way to keep it interesting moving forward. I don't ever want to lose, but my grandkids will look back on days like today and be thankful that Michigan found a way to keep the rivalry alive. Not sure what else to say. 297 yards on the ground to 64. How are you supposed to win games like that? I thought our offense could've scored more in the red zone, but overall, Stroud and the offense played a good game. The only problem was that the defense knew Michigan was running and we still couldn't stop it. Embarrassing. The Buckeyes need to be better. No excuses. Not even the fact that the flags were 10 to 2.