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NC State Scored Two Touchdowns in 26 Seconds to Beat UNC in One of the Best Finishes We've Seen This Season

North Carolina hit this field goal with just over 2:00 left to put the Tar Heels up nine points in their rivalry game against NC State. The Wolfpack had just one timeout and needed two scores. That's when all hell broke loose.

First, a UNC blown coverage let NC State get the first touchdown it needed in just a couple plays, as Emeka Emezie hauled in the 64-yard score. Then, the Wolfpack executed a damn near perfect onside kick to get the ball right back with plenty of time and one timeout left. It took them just three more plays and 26 seconds to find Emezie in the end zone again and before you could blink, NC State had turned a nine-point deficit into a four-point lead.

North Carolina got down the field and had one final heave to win it at the end of the game, but Sam Howell's pass was interceoted. The Tar Heels' win probability in the fourth quarter? 99.9 percent.

If this is the kind of games we can expect throughout Rivalry Week tomorrow, we're in for some treats. Let's do it.