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Aaron Rodgers Wants To Make It Very Clear He Does NOT Have The Dreaded 'Covid Toe' And Showed His Foot To Everyone To Prove It

Stacy Revere. Getty Images.

As if the Aaron Rodgers circus has not been entertaining enough this year, we've got feet on the timeline folks. Feet on the goddamn timeline. When Rodgers returned from the covid list a few weeks ago a toe injury popped up and began limiting him at practice. There's been a lot of mystery behind this toe situation which the QB has been super vague about. The most info we've got was him saying it's "worse than turf toe & it's definitely not going away." 

Yesterday Rodgers was asked during his weekly spot on the Pat McAfee Show if he had any lingering effects from covid and said "just the covid toe" in a sarcastic manner. Turns out Covid Toe is actually a thing (news to me), but it has nothing to do with the "bone issue" that he mentioned to Pat. Covid toe is a lingering effect of the virus that brings on a combination of lesions, blisters, and all that terrible stuff that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable while walking/running. Rodgers doesn't have this, he was just calling it covid toe because it was a toe injury that happened while he had covid. 

Naturally, the WSJ ran with that clip and blasted it out to the internet saying he has the dreaded COVID TOE. Horrendous journalism considering he said it was a BONE ISSUE, but that's par for the course these days I suppose. Jerry blogged it earlier that you can read here. No wrong doing by Jerry, he had a great reference in there that made me laugh.

Well anyways, today the Packers QB cleared things up. He has a fractured toe, hence the bone issue. Not covid toe. 

He went as far to show his feet on the zoom camera during his media session. Oh yeah, that happened. 

WARNING: If you don't want to see Aaron Rodgers' toes do not scroll any further or click the video below. I cannot believe I just typed out that sentence, but that's what this 2021 Packers season has turned to.

Someone get eyes on Rex Ryan STAT

Now Rodgers has made that his profile pic on Twitter…

We have left Earth. Here I was thinking the biggest storyline of the season would be if Aaron Rodgers was going to come back in 2022. Not even close. I was taking the train back to NJ today to visit family and there were Aaron Rodgers 'toes all over the timeline. Alcohol. I need all of the alcohol.