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So Aaron Rodgers is Actually Suffering from Covid Toe?

I don't think I'm too far out of the mainstream when I say I'm suffering from Covid exhaustion. And I'm confident that millions like me are suffering as well. We're not tired because we caught the thing. Just worn out, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually from 22 months of non-stop talking about a topic that we still don't know anything about, despite the fact everyone having an opinion you are entitled to. Whether you asked or not. 

Not that it's not a serious subject. Obviously it is. That's self-evident. But when you first heard about it in February of 2020 and a short while later started hearing "Two weeks to flatten the curve," did any dark, remote corner of your brain think that on Thanksgiving Eve of 2021, this goddamned microbe would still be coming up with new ways to microscopically fuck with us? 

Because it has.

Source -  Since Aaron Rodgers returned to the field after testing positive for Covid-19, having sat out 10 days because he was unvaccinated, the star Green Bay Packers quarterback has been dealing with a mysterious and painful toe injury. 

After previously describing it in vague terms as a “Covid injury,” Rodgers confirmed what dermatologists had previously suspected. 

“No lingering effects, other than the Covid Toe,” Rodgers said Tuesday on the Pat McAfee show. 

Covid Toe is a casual name for something medically known as pernio or chilblains, which is a condition that causes symptoms such as discoloration and lesions. It can be extremely painful and turn the toes purple. 

The shred of good news, when it comes to Covid Toes, is that they’re a sign of the body’s strong immune response to the virus.  ...

The problem is that, when the body produces too much of a type of interferon, it can create other problems—and produce Covid Toes.

So there you have it. It hasn't been enough to listen to endless debates about masks and mandates, vaccines and anti-vax, of limited gatherings in some places and 100,000-person capacity crowds in others, booster shots and horse de-wormers, immunity, herd immunity, natural immunity. Now we have to deal with the new terror threat of Covid Toe. 

Or maybe it's not a threat at all? I mean, it sounds kind of good? Or bad, depending on who you're listening to? Which means this is yet another thing we can all be confused about as yet another great national verbal rock fight starts over Covid Toe. Either it's Aaron Rodgers' fault for getting his medical advice from Joe Rogan, or it's a miraculous sign of the pandemic being over. Half the country will blame Green Bay's loss to Minnesota on Rodgers' ignorance. While the other half will say that if we don't get the jab, we can all post stat lines of 22/33, 385 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INT, 148.4 the way he did. 

All I know is that Covid Toe is one ailment no one saw coming. And the fact that it took a quarterback and the Wall Street Journal to bring it to our attention is the most 2021 thing ever. So I guess thanks are in order? For Aaron Rodgers being our nation's big toe?

Now if anyone needs me, I'm going to be selling green ribbons with gold "12"s on them to raise Covid Toe awareness. Before NFL Marketing beats me to it.