Hilarious New NIL Commercial: Kentucky Football Player Kills It in Dentist Spot

One of the things I most looked forward to when the new NIL rules came out was hilarious commercials of athletes trying to do well in front of the camera. I knew somehow or another they were either going to be hilarious for how bad they were or turn up gold like this one did. Joshua Paschal did an amazing job for this being his acting debut, and I can guarantee this guy will end up with way more commercials after this. What's awesome is that Paschal might not end up being a first-round pick or having a huge NFL career (hoping the best for him) but opportunities NIL provides like this one could set him up for opportunities in acting or another type of career in front of the camera. He could be the next Terry Crews. 

If you didn't know Josh Paschal has an amazing story. He beat a rare skin cancer that was on his foot. It's an awesome story and it’s great NIL is opening opportunities for individuals who have strived through so much adversity.