Jalen Hurts Better Have Some Good Insurance Because He's Going To Have To Pay For Carl Granderson's Ankle Replacement Surgery

Jalen. Jalen. Jaaaalen......c'mon now, man. You can't be doing that to innocent unsuspecting folks out there in the wild. At least not in today's society. This poor man Carl Granderson is just out here trying his hardest. He just wants to do his job and play a little football. Next thing you know, he's a full blown dead guy. 

Draw a line of chalk around him, baby. 

Put the poor bastard on a pair of skates on his way to his 3rd rushing touchdown of the day. Say it with me--QB1. Cue. Bee. Won. 

P.S. - Speaking of unimaginable acts of violence going down at Lincoln Financial Field today…

Go Birds.