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Paddy The Baddy Came To NYC and Kicked My Ass

Paddy the fucking baddy, he's the future of the mixed martial arts and also a DEMON on the FIFA pitch. He challenged me to two games of FIFA - he would obviously be Liverpool and I decided to be Manchester United because I'm a Ronaldo fanboy to keep the teams even.

Has I told Paddy in the studio and I'll say here on this blog - I'm an absolute slut for long shots. No clue why I get so horned up offensively for them, but they give me life. That second goal I scored above sent me into a frenzy.

Paddy ended up scoring later in the second half to bring us to the end of regulation.

Our first game was an absolute slugfest. 2-2 going into the second half of extra time. We both had equal opportunities and kept choking playing good defense to stop attacks.

Then, Paddy decided to sub in Jota and the rest is history. Jota - 122' mark. GG.

Paddy the Baddy, the King of the Octogan, Twitter and now also, the FIFA pitch.