King Bryce Harper Wins The 2021 NL MVP

Beautiful. Just damn beautiful. Add in 3x MVP and the greatest third basemen to ever live Mike Schmidt delivering the news in a Phillies jersey with champagne? Even more glorious. The only thing better would be if the Phillies actually made the playoffs with the best player in the league and 2nd best pitcher, but, hey, baby steps. We'll get there. I think. If anything this solidifies Bryce is at least holding up his end of the bargain with his 40-year mega contract. With the Phillies. Here's hoping he'll get some help soon. Like, NOW. Because shit like this is just flat out sad: 

Now buy a #MV3 shirt or 20 for the holidays and get ready for tomorrow's First TIme, Long Time in which Rone and I discuss Bryce winning MVP and way too much more. We'll hang up and listen. 

PS - +2021? Thank you very much.