Someone Throw Sidney Crosby In Jail And Throw Away The Key!!!!


Taking out some frustration?!?! He could have killed a man!!! That was a horrifying act of violence! I expect the NY Rangers to pen a long, detailed, (and very funny) open letter ASAP. 

Obviously this is all tongue in cheek, but I'm dying at the "taking out some frustration" spin zone. Imagine if SCCTW was "taking out some frustration" by tossing a guy? He'd end up in the 10th row and Keith Olberman would have an aneurysm that even the top medical professionals would not be able to contain. 

This is why all the whining about SCTTW is so laughable. Hockey is physical, shit happens. Sid wasn't penalized whatsoever on the ice for that. Buy my heaven, if that was Tom? They'd be crying for the Supreme Court to get involved. Streets would be flooded with Penguins fans tears. National journalists would be doing exposes. Somehow Dave would be held liable. 

To us with brains? It's hockey. But hopefully Pens fans keep this same energy next time SCCTW lays the lumber. They won't, but just something to keep in mind.


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