Navy Got Its First Win Over A Ranked Team Since 1986, Promptly Went Nuts In The Locker Room And Talked Some Shit On Twitter

Lost in the shuffle late last night was Navy going to Virginia and getting a win. Upset? Absolutely. But not incredibly shocking if you look at the rosters. Virginia isn't a typical Virginia team this year. They don't have shooting, especially from guards. They aren't an ELITE defensive team - they typically are top-5/7 in the country. If you're not getting stops and scoring efficiently with the slow down tempo, you're not going to win. That's just how it is. 

At the same time, Navy can really play. They were DAMN good in the Patriot League last year. Now they go into Charlottesville and get a win. A+ Celebration. 

But more importantly they handled the Twitter they way it should. Talking a little shit. 

Love it. The smile. The hat from the Cavalier just sitting there. That's how you do it when you pull an upset off. Simple, elegant, beautiful. Hell, even David Robinson had to chime in. I still can't believe he went to Navy. I still can't believe Navy played in an Elite 8. 

Now, hey, Virginia will be fine going forward. They'll get some shots to go down and get a little more chemistry with the transfers learning the system. But this isn't a typical Virginia team. This is a top-40ish team vs a top-10 team. Tony Bennett was due for some sort of regression at some point just with the way they recruit and develop. 

Shout out Navy. It feels damn good to see locker room celebrations again.