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Scottie Pippen Has Now Resorted To Talking Shit About Michael Jordan's Flu Game

As Chief blogged last week Scottie Pippen put out a book in response to how he was portrayed in The Last Dance and with that comes the press tour. I have to say, Scottie Pippen is doing himself way more harm than good here. I watch that clip and all I hear is a hater. What I don't get about Pippen's stance here is didn't everyone give him credit for gutting through that back issue? It's not like everyone completely ignored it and then only cared about MJ's Flu Game. Yeah, that got a ton of attention because ya know, he's Michael goddamn Jordan, but at no point did anyone at least to my knowledge think what Scottie Pippen did in that series wasn't impressive. Playing 26 minutes with a fucked up back is wildly impressive and he did end up having surgery so it's not as if he was milking it or anything. But remember, this is the same person who also said this when it came to getting ankle surgery in 1997

and how could we forget this moment in the 1994 playoffs

so to then all these years later hear Pippen try and talk shit on MJ's Flu Game in an attempt to boost up his own actions seems pretty sad. You can see even today the fact that people didn't talk about Pippen the same way they did Jordan clearly bothers him. Why that is I have no idea. Pippen is still talked about as one of the Greatest 50 players ever. Shit, he's talked about as arguably one of the best two way players of all time. So what if he's not perceived the same as Jordan. It might be due to the fact that he isn't Michael Jordan? Everyone seems to understand that but Pippen

This is all funny because Pippen clearly forgets that his HOF speech exists and there's video of it on the internet

As an outsider and non Bulls fan watching all this, I can't help but think what a bummer this must be for Bulls fans. It's a shame these two apparently have this beef and it sure doesn't help that Pippen keeps going on camera and embarrassing himself like this. You don't have to be so insecure, you're an NBA legend! You're in the Hall Of Fame! To still be talking about how you're on Jordan's level and what you did was actually more impressive than what he did is just a terrible look that only makes things worse.

Somewhere you know Jordan is watching all this and having himself a good laugh. Like when Gary Payton went on camera and said outrageous things. 

I just don't know what Pippen's end game is here. Does he think people will read this book or hear these clips and be like "you know what, Scottie is right. He WAS the same as Michael Jordan and deserves to be talked about as such"

Uhhhhh, no. That's never going to happen no matter how many books Pippen writes. Just accept it and move on.