Late Night Steph Curry Delivers Once Again With A Dominant 50 Point Performance

Noah Graham. Getty Images.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Stay up and watch Late Night Steph Curry. Not once has it ever disappointed. Every single time he makes it worth it, and tonight it was his latest 50 piece. There are few moments that are more Must Watch TV situations than when Steph is on one of these runs. When everything he throws up drops whether it's from 5ft or 35ft. The final numbers are ridiculous

and the highlights are even better. If you missed it, do yourself a favor. It's one of the best shows in sports

I'm just not sure what you're supposed to do as a defender when Steph is locked in like this. How do you stop it? If you get too close he simply uses his god like handles and gets by you. Good luck staying with him off ball. Factor in his range and you have yourself a virtually unguarable player. You knew his shooting struggles weren't going to exist forever, this is Steph Curry we're talking about here. What's impressive is the fact that this was coming on the back end of a B2B. You don't see that all too often and it just adds to the legend of Steph Curry. The explosion came in his 18 point third quarter, and I'm glad Steve Kerr left him in long enough for the 50. You could tell Steph was pressing for it in his last few shots and Kerr did have the opportunity to take him out for good at about the 5 minute mark with Steph stuck on 48 but I think we can all agree that 50 is the way cooler number. 

Meanwhile, the Warriors improve to an NBA best 9-1. In addition to Steph's 50 they finished with 4 other players in double figures and as a team made 18 3PM. Gary Payton II looks like an absolute weapon defensively. On the flip side, the Hawks are sliding, now dropping their 4th in a row and they're in Utah tomorrow night for a B2B. That's a tough draw and they could be 4-8 before you know it.

So please, let this be the latest example of why you need to stay awake and watch Steph Curry late at night. It's worth being tired in the morning. We're blessed to witness one of the best to ever do it. Sleep when you're dead.