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Jackass Eagles Fan Throws A Bouquet Of Flowers At Nick Sirianni As He's Leaving The Field

For context:

Listen. I get it. Nick Sirianni is pretty much a sentient meme who got a head coaching position. The flower analogy---whilst logically sound--was one of those moments where you just have no idea if this dude is serious or if he's just a guy out here doing his best Ted Lasso impression all year. It's all a bit of a joke and I can see a fan thinking that throwing a bouquet of flowers at Nick Sirianni would just be adding to the joke. I don't think there's anything malicious behind throwing flowers at the guy. I mean...they're flowers. Nobody was going to get hurt unless coach has some serious allergies. 

With that being said...I mean what the fuck, man? 1) The guy called a solid game. The defense continued to give up massive play after massive play and sure, some of that falls back on the head coach. But offensively, you had to really like what you saw out of the Eagles today. 2) It shouldn't even matter if he called a good game or not. Because at the end of the day, Nick Sirianni is still the head coach of this team and he shouldn't have shit getting tossed at him on his way off the field unless it's your mom's bra and panties. Just total dumbassery on display here. Innocuous, sure. But dumbassery nonetheless. 

Anyway, speaking of things flying through the air...

That was awesome.