The Bills Losing To The Jaguars Is Proof That The Manningcast Curse Is Real And It's Spectacular

Oh FUCK yes. We've had a huge sports curse void ever since the Curse of the Bambino and the Curse of the Billygoat were wiped off this planet by Theo Epstein followed by nobody giving a shit about Madden or any curses associated with it. But there is now no way to say that the Manningcast curse isn't extremely real and dangerous after a game where this happened as well.

I have no problem believing that the Chiefs could lose to the Ravens a week after Travis Kelce appeared with the Mannings. The Seahawks are pretty much programmed to win or lose any game is as weird a fashion as possible during the Russell Wilson Era. The Bucs losing on the road to the Rams and the Saints is nothing to hang their head about. And the Rams losing a division game against the then undefeated Cardinals seems completely normal. But the Bills losing to the Jaguars a week after a "wake up" game against the Dolphins is proof that the Manningcast Curse is legit and a product of the dark arts.

We all have sucked the proverbial dicks of Eli and Peyton for giving us such a refreshing yet informative broadcast. However, this universe we live in is perfectly balanced as all things should be, which means we were due for some sort of equal reaction to the football bliss we enjoy every Monday night. The Mannings were so preoccupied with whether or not they could do a broadcast that they didn't stop to think if they should. Now if you are an NFL player going to join the fellas on Zoom to talk some pigskin on a Monday night, you are essentially doing this to your teammates for next week's game.

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God I love sports curses. Can't wait to see which team gets fucked over next by it so I can responsibly bet against them in the Barstool Sportsbook.