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.....The Browns Have Scored On All 3 Offensive Drives Since Releasing Odell Beckham Jr.

3 drives, 2 touchdowns, and a field goal. And a quarterback who is going over the top to let his receivers know how much he appreciates them:


And apparently, they're chanting it at the stadium....

I absolutely love everything about this. Rallying around the fact that the drama queen is finally gone and everyone is doubting us. I told you guys. I told you. Baker plays best with his back against the wall. And the entire world was against him this week. When a report came out this morning that OBJ wants to play for a contender or their would be issues, I knew the Browns would win today. Buddy, you joined a playoff team from last year (who played better when you got hurt) and immediately made us worse.

Here come the Browns!!!! 13-4 still makes the playoffs.