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Aidan O'Connell Absolutely CARVED UP Michigan State Ending Their Playoff Hopes

Classic coach speak keeping your guys humble after an absolutely torcher of a performance. Every time Michigan State scored, O'Connell and Brohm play calling had an answer. Oh by the way, David Bell continued to absolutely feast on top five teams. His stat line against formerly number #2 Iowa and current #3 Michigan State today: 

 22 catches, 437 yards, 2 TDs

Your best players playing their best making the most plays in the biggest games. That's been David Bell his entire career at Purdue. Now it doesn't get any easier. Purdue heads to Columbus next weekend who will be eyeing some style points in a bounce back after sputtering against Nebraska today, but the Boilers are already going bowling, are currently tied for first in the Big Ten West, and still have Northwestern and IU at home on the schedule. This Jeff Brohm era has been such a weird mix of overly satisfying and utterly head scratching so often. The dude is now 3-0 against top-5 teams in his time at Purdue. But the head scratchers are still on the schedule with Northwestern at Wrigley and a struggling arch rival Indiana...if they can pass those then it'll show this Purdue program is for real actually building something - not just the upset specialists. The Big Ten conference as a whole has to be shitty because Purdue just keeps wrecking the conference's playoff teams. 

But West LA will be rocking again tonight, and they should be because a performance like that is well worth celebrating and then some.