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The Mike White Situation

So Last night we saw the Jets show promising spurts With Mike White under center. We even got a touchdown. Everything was looking like the Jets may be competitive and Mike White was going to play another amazing game of football. 

But then disaster struck.

Mike White got hit in the forearm very hard while following through and got a very awkward injury. You see if he played any other position he would be able to play through it. The part of his forearm that he bruised holds a ton of ligaments that are instrumental in moving your fingers or gripping the ball. The same reason why your forearm flexes when you make a fist. This injury can be short term very debilitating, a stinger if you would. Something that would have a huge effect on such intricate movement like throwing a football. Mike White wasn't ready this game to come back in, but definitely will be ready for the next game. The question is, Josh Johnson played a stellar game passing for 317 yards.

Josh Johnson is making us question Mike White, just like Mike White is making us question Zach Wilson.

Josh White is a veteran of veterans, he has the most experience playing quarterback at the pro level than most Qbs in the NFL. There is a reason this guy has stuck around. 

Mike White's injury was minimal, and probably is something that will clear up once bruising and inflammation goes down. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Josh White get some playtime in next week's game. Josh Johnson wasn't going to go down easy. If it wasn't for that pick you can tell the Jets were playing to steal that game. This is the Jet's first time having 2 players throw for over 300 yards in consecutive games. Both these guys are just making Wilson look really, really inexperienced. The Jets offense without Wilson has been looking pretty good comparatively. 

The question is, who starts in Buffalo. To be honest, I think Josh Johnson might be a good choice to put in. Having Zach take more time I think would be beneficial, especially if Mike White's nerve contusion is bad. 

Remember Josh Johnson used to ball out in the XFL. Might be a solid vibe to bring to Bills Mafia.