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The Colts Let Josh Johnson Put Up 30 Points On Them But Darius Leonard Wants Respect!

This is coming from a totally non-bias view here obviously with me being a Steelers fan so I feel alright in saying what in the hell is Leonard talking about here? 

Even my buddies who are all Indianapolis natives and diehard Colts fans are growing tired of Leonard's incessant desire to have a chip on his shoulder and be respected especially in peculiar times like after letting Josh Johnson and the lowly Jets run up and down the field on you for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. That's the backups backup. 

Leonard is a very talented player and a guy who makes his fair share of splash plays, but this constant "everyone doubts me" and "respect me" stuff is exhausting. It's a plague that has seemed to affect a handful of Indianapolis professional athletes. They have rabbit ears for anyone who says ill will against them in Indy. It's not like it's New York when you make one bad move and the Daily News cover is a viral joke at your expense. If anything everyone around here praises these dudes and then some. Leonard has been a three time ALL PRO including being a first team member in his rookie season. Pretty sure you've got all the respect you need.