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Odell Beckham Jr. Has Been Told He Is EXCUSED FROM PRACTICE Today

Well that escalated quickly. And to the crowd saying "let's wait to hear why first", shut up. His dad posted a video of all the times OBJ is open but doesn't get the ball from Baker yesterday, which was liked by multiple teammates. And then everyone from Dame Lilliard to LeBron interacted or chimed in. This has become a circus. I don't know what the exact reasoning is for sending him home today, but I can unequivocally say this:

Giphy Images.

Looks like the Browns are choosing Baker over OBJ in this one. And I don't blame them one bit. At least Baker has some fight in him. Plays hard for the city. Gets excited for others. OBJ is a Me Me Me guy. Only happy when his stats are good. I thought Eli Manning was the problem?

Anyways, so what's the next step here? No way we can just go back to usual business tomorrow. Are the Browns going to excuse him for the rest of the season? Are the Browns really going to cut this guy??

If so:

But after further review, it appears the smarter people on the internet than me have broken down what would happen if the Browns did decide to release OBJ.

I don't think anyone wants this guy for a million a game. If they did, wouldn't they have tried to trade for him yesterday? And I have to think the Browns would rather have OBJ for $8 million than not have him for $8 million.

I have been anti-OBJ for a while now, but in this situation, I'm not quite sure what the Browns are doing here. Why escalate this even more? This is going to be the talk of the town tonight, leading off everything from SportsCenter to the talk radio shows. Why excuse him from practice? Unless you're cutting him, which would be a bad move too.

This was not the right way to handle this. And from an organization as competent as the Browns, I'm shocked.