Saint Jhn Simply Needs To Put More Respect On Natasha Bedingfield's Name

There's a lot of songs out there in our universe that when you hear them they just make you happy. Impossible to not smile during 'em. Off the top of my head I'm thinking about say Semi-Charmed it a song about drug addiction? Sure. Is he not the most beautiful upbeat song of all-time though? Of course it is. Other songs in that category are American Girl, This Is How We Do It, All The Small Things, Juicy, Gimme Three Steps, Love Song (Shoutout Sara Barailles) and many, many more. Another one that's ABSOLUTELY on there is Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

Ever since it graced our ears for the first time a mere 17 years ago it has hit us repeatedly hit us and over like a cloud of motherfucking joy so it made me sad when Saint Jhn hadn't heard of it. And that was coming from a man that has a song in that category as well in Roses OBVIOUSLY. One of the better songs to hear going out in recent memory by our new friend Saint Jhn! All Feel good bangers need to stick together!

In all honesty though Saint Jhn was a great friggen guy especially for someone that walked into a room not knowing who me and Caleb are as we were dressed like Scooby and fucking Shaggy for a Halloween episode. Awesome time. Good fun. Good people! Check out the full Sundae Conversation if you haven't yet!