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Giants Postgame Recap And Laps: How To Lose A Football Game In 60 Minutes

Some people will blame the penalties, the missed plays, the Football Gods shoving a proverbial spiked dildo up our asses and through our throats every single week to the point the Giants offense is essentially Daniel Jones leading the 2nd string on the field. But tonight's loss came down to a comical mismanagement of time outs at the end of each half that led to both 2 minute drills being run like a Kindergarten fire drill and kicking/punting the ball on 4th & Short multiple times instead of playing for the win.

You can blame the head coach for the awful execution, the offensive coordinator for the weak game plan, the GM for putting together a team that is hurt and now shallow, or an owner for allowing this clown show to go on for years as the reason the Giants lost tonight. But until someone other than the overweight blogger is actually being held accountable for these losses, nothing is going to change. Ever.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to try to sneak in a few hours of junk sleep after another agonizing loss and a smattering of Halloween candy before I am in charge of watching my kids all day because this stupid country gives schools off for Election Day. Fucking democracy, man.

Okay that last part was just me being grumpy. I apologize to democracy and the democratic process. Can the Giants please just hire someone to handle timeouts before it kills me on my couch during a game or in my yard after a game?