Madison Square Garden And Mike Breen Have Gotten In On The Bing Bong Action

I have no clue how the hell we got to this part of the simulation where the Knicks are not only good but they have the most fun rallying cry in all of sports. Maybe it was an autocorrection after almost two straight decades of shit or maybe Knicks fans were simply due to enjoy sports. But holy hell this is a blast. Nothing touches New York when the Knicks are good. World Series and Super Bowls are cool. But this entire city full of maniacs being united over one team is the best. Doubly so when there's something wacky like Linsanity or a saying from a video to bring us assholes together and more importantly piss off rival fans.

God bless @Sidetalk for making that incredible Knicks fan video. God bless Leon Rose for putting together this team. God bless Nems for making this phrase in a video that can only be described as art. 

Bing bong!