Nothing But PEAK Athleticism From These Villanova Students Rushing The Court At Hoops Mania

Okay, the first person? I can understand there. There's a little ledge and you miss it. Bam you embarrass yourself and fall face first on the court. But then everyone behind them? What the hell are you doing? If you see one person fall, you should probably use those brains to look down and see that you have to take a step. Hell there was even help! All you have to do is be an athlete. 

Laugh out loud funny seeing this dude point at the reason everyone is eating shit in front of him. Oh the 8th person in a row fell? Fine, I'll point. But that's all I'm doing! I know I called Nova one of the two most overrated teams coming into the year mostly because I don't think they are one of the 5 best teams in the country. But this better not be a sign of the year to come. I still think they win the Big East and get a top-4 seed. You can't be feeling great though that is how your HoopsMania ended on Friday night. 

Vet move by this guy at the 5 second mark though.

Hand in pocket, other arm out. Takes the little dig only to redeem himself. No fall. The true MVP of this video. At the moment he could have been this dude right after him. 

Big guy didn't see it coming. Nothing like thinking you're about to get on the court, look at the hoop and convince yourself you'd make a jumper only to go face down and end up sprawled out. Not only sprawled out the moment he hit the floor he bounced and rolled. That's a TOUGH break. Even with everyone falling, you don't see the bounce and roll often.