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This Is The Most Disrespectful Thing You Can Do In Madden

Let me set the scene real quick: Goose is playing against BMillz in the first round of our Four Loko Madden 22 Tournament. He's starting dominating him so badly that he beings to kneel the ball on (3) straight plays with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Initially, I didn't understand the play call because I'm a simpleton but then I realized the utter disrespect that Goose showed for his opponent. Goose was giving up his offensive possessions just to give BMillz even a sniff of a chance. By this point, it was clearly too late as Goose's dominance was too much for BMillz to handle.

Goose is more than just a Madden player, he's an icon.

Tonight, Goose is looking to continue the magic he's had during the first round of the Four Loko Madden 22 Tournament. He'll be facing off against 'YungPippy' that Goose has aptly named 'Pipsqueak.'

However, Goose may be getting ahead of himself because YungPippy won one of the greatest Madden games that I've ever witnessed.

One Hail Mary, ONE DREAM and YungPippy found a way to survive and advance.

Below is the rest of the bracket for tonight's action!

ASAPHANDYMANDY aka 'CrashScant' who's a former Madden pro and mercy ruled his opponent in the first round.

He'll be facing off against Walshy who simply cannot be taken down.

The action is set tonight and you can join the stream below to watch all the action live and root for your favorite player!

We'll be casting both semi-finals matchups, followed by the Championship. After the Championship, we have a little surprise for our Champion as he'll be facing off against the #3 Madden player in the world - XSET Joke.

Joke is a legend in the competitive Madden scened and has earned over $46,000 through competition. He's written ebooks on Madden playbooks and you know he'll be bringing the heat tonight.

Tournament Rules

Teams were submitted through a google form and through our discord.

Players will select 3 random teams and choose one of them. If they don't like the three teams, they can choose and 4th and final team.

Best of 1, Single Elimination

6 Minute Quarters, Accelerated Clock is On, All-Madden difficulty.