BREAKING: Steven Cheah Has QUIT!!!


That's right, Steven Cheah has QUIT politely asking to be a full-time content employee and has just straight up done it on his own accord with an incredible video posted outside of the typical office setting of his 3rd floor job as well as beyond the usual athletic super deep dives of his content duties. And you know what? I love it! Not just because I'm Barstool's resident bird guy who appreciates all of our feathered friends, but because it kept me engaged the whole time. 

That video had it all. The shock of a gigantic bird being on a car. A damsel in distress. And at least three A+ impersonations in the last 20 seconds of that video that has placed Joey Mulinaro's ass firmly on the hot seat here at Barstool. The craziest thing of all is that I wouldn't have put it past a big brain like Steven crunching the numbers, realizing that striking while the content iron was hot, and buying a live turkey then putting it on his car would do numbers since a bird in a fowl mood always gets people to tune in (sweet pun Clem).

Steven fucking Cheah man. Maybe the first 6 tool employee in Barstool, no business history! And just as I published this blog, I realized Steven blogged his account of this madness and it was scheduled to publish 10 minutes later because he is a content machine.

Apologies if I gave a heart attack to anyone in the ever-growing #CheahHive, Steven's many direct reports, or any Cheah family members for tricking them into thinking their king left the company all for a couple of blog clicks. That's what us po' folk on the 2nd floor do sometimes to make ends meet.


P.S. Don't break out the stingers #CheahHive because I'm #CheahHive for life.