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We Are Being Robbed Of Living Correctly Until We Have Klay Thompson Telling Stories On Camera At All Times

It's 2021, our phones can capture anything and everything. There's simply no excuse for not having Klay Thompson mic'd up every waking moment. The guy is fucking hilarious. Athlete or not, he's a hilarious human being. This time it's him going back to his middle school and telling the story of beaning Kevin Love in the back. Only Klay man. While we can make fun of Russell Wilson for having no idea cameras are on him as he pretends to go through the 2-minute drill while injured we will not be doing that to Klay for fake pitching and hitting. He's simply reliving his childhood. With that in mind, we need a rematch. Put Kevin Love in the box and let Klay throw a couple fastballs at him. See if he beans him again or not. I mean, the man makes scaffolding interesting. 

I still can't believe we have that interview in our lives. Klay Thompson ripped out of his mind wandering around NYC like a tourist and hopping on the local news. This isn't a no-name guy despite what JackMac thinks of his NBA ranking. This is an All-Star. This is one of the best shooters we've ever seen. This is a guy who won multiple NBA titles. 

It's honestly wild how beloved Klay is. He plays for one of the most hated teams. People hate the Warriors for winning a ton, adding Kevin Durant, being this SuperTeam, having Draymond, etc. But then there's Klay. Hell even this year we've gotten boat Klay. 

The man drives a boat to practice. Who else would do that? No one. 

I just want Klay to pop up at random places and narrate shit. Have him walk around an office. Have him going to schools and like a high school practice. I just want Klay to deliver stories and then go drop 37 in a quarter taking like 2 dribbles. The world ain't right until we get Klay 24/7.