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Marshawn Lynch Joined The Manning Cast Three Shots Deep To Remind Everyone That He Is America’s Best Broadcaster

Marshawn Lynch, by himself, is the Inside the NBA of the NFL. Effortlessly entertaining, completely authentic every single time he opens his mouth. I’d sit here and wonder how some network, any network, hasn’t thrown its yearly budget at him to become a staple of a studio show but you must remember: this is not a human being motivated by money. Skittles, undoubtedly. His mental? Unquestionably. But not money. He’d much rather parachute in from the clouds every so often, bless the nation with some jewels, and leave us until he’s ready to grace us with his presence again. He may well be the smartest man alive when you really break down how at peace he is with himself and the universe around him. You make a joke about a play that cost 99% of athletes a Championship and they probably swing on you. Marshawn laughs and then transitions into explaining when it’s the right time to jump a referee for making the wrong call. No one else has that range, a true 1-of-1. See ya in a few months, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 18 years, Beast Mode.