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Mike Leach Talking About Halloween Candy Is Just as Great as You Think It Is

Mike Leach is just crazy enough to always keep you on your toes but simultaneously just sane enough that you don't really have to worry that he's going to say something too unhinged. He lives right in the sweet spot of zaniness.

After his Mississippi State team thrashed Vanderbilt 45-6 on Saturday, Leach spent his on-field postgame interview opining on Halloween candy. In just one minute, Leach was able to talk about going out of his way to the dollar store to buy Spree in a box, why Europe has better candy than the United States — "because they have gummy everything" — Nerds Clusters being at the forefront of modern candy innovation and the necessity of eating exclusively Haribo gummy bears.

Leach did say one thing, however, to which I simply must voice my opposition: he hates candy corn. I'm on the record as a staunch supporter of the quintessential sweet autumn treat and I'll take this opportunity to voice my opinion once more. If you hate candy corn, you simply hate candy. It's just sugar. It's the base from which all other candy has evolved.

But I understand this is a battle you're just not going to win, regardless of which side you're on. You don't talk about politics, religion or candy corn on the first date. I respect Coach Leach's dedication to the candy game and hope he has a wonderful Halloween with lots of boxed Spree and Nerds Clusters.