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Today We Celebrate One of History's Great Treats: Candy Corn

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I was overcome with a great sense of joy when I found out today is a national celebration of one of the greatest candies and seasonal treats of all-time: candy corn. Going on record as a candy corn fan is a pretty dicey proposition, but I am always willing to stand up for what I believe in.

Anytime you have to tell someone that you are a candy corn fan, you have to brace for the reaction of disgust that comes from 90 percent of respondents. And I genuinely don't understand it. If someone said, "You know, candy corn is just a bit simplistic to me and isn't my favorite," that would be totally fair. But everybody tries to act like the very existence of candy corn and the thought that anyone could like it are affronts to their humanity.

Y'all are seriously comparing candy corn to CIRCUS PEANUTS? Disgusting.

Now, is candy corn something I'd want to eat every few days throughout the year? Hell no. But for several weeks as the leaves change and the spirit of Halloween is in the air, it's a wonderful sweet snack. I'm actually convinced everyone who slanders candy corn hasn't even had any in 15 years and just wants to get some clout on the internet for hating something, because everyone knows that's how to show people you're cool nowadays.

Shoutout to The Boy Will Compton for not being afraid to go against the grain and being on the right side of candy history.

I can't wait to go pop open a nice bag of candy corn this afternoon and enjoy one of the great seasonal treats out there and watch a Halloween movie. And if that makes you upset, good.