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Cheaters Ruined The Barstool Smokeshows Halloween Contest For Everyone. Here Are Hot Girls In Costumes Anyway

It is with a broken heart that I must deliver some tragic news. The Barstool Smokeshows Halloween Contest no longer exists. For those unaware, it was a competition run for at least the last 6 years on the Barstool Smokeshows Instagram page. Girls from all over the globe would submit pictures of themselves in Halloween costumes and we'd repost them. The post with the most likes was the winner and the girl would win $1000. Unfortunately, the contest became overrun with cheaters, scandals, and corruption. 

It happened in each of the past 3 years. Girls were buying likes left and right. A post would suspiciously go up in likes by the thousands in a matter of seconds. Something fishy was going on, but it was impossible to prove. And it was possible girls were buying likes for other girls to make it look like the other person was the cheater. It was just a mess. You can read my recap about last year's fiasco HERE. It was an unbelievable saga and a borderline must read. Anyway, this year it was decided that there was no point in doing it again due to all the controversy and cheating over just 1000 bucks. It's sad. But cheaters truly did ruin it for everyone else and a great American pastime has come to an end (at least for this year). 

But lucky for you guys, we'll still be posting smokes in costumes on our Instagram and I'll still be posting round up blogs. Here's the first batch from this Halloween season.