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I'd Strongly Consider Letting Sydney Sweeney Stab Me If She Let Me Date Her

Gilbert Carrasquillo. Getty Images.

First off, I want it known I did not wake up feeling like a masochist wanting to get stabbed. I simply read Dante's blog begging the question of whether you'd allow an IG model to stab you in order to date her. Then I began scrolling Instagram and came across a favorite of mine, Sydney Sweeney. If you haven't seen Euphoria yet on HBO Max then you best get on that or you will die with regret. Anyways, Sydney dropped this bomb on the interwebs and it took my breath away. 

It then made me wonder, would I let Sydney Sweeney stab me if it meant we could date. Now after viewing that photo I guess the question is stab me with what. Anyways, I'll let you guys decide. Life kinda sucks, might be worth taking the chance if the offer presented itself.