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Pop Quiz Hot Shot: Would You Let This Insta Model Stab You If You Got To "Date" Her?

Would You Let This Insta Model Stab You If You Got To "Date" Her?

NY Post - An Instagram model stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife during a fight inside her Midtown pad, police said Tuesday — and later walked out of a Manhattan courthouse touting her OnlyFans account.

Genie Exum — a 22-year-old social-media model who recently flashed her breasts in front of an NYPD cop car — 

knifed beau Babyboy Pajulas in the back and arm around 6:45 p.m. Monday inside her 10th Avenue apartment in Manhattan, authorities said.

“Subscribe to my OnlyFans!,” Exum told a Post reporter with a smirk — even spelling out the name of her account — as she got back to her high-rise late Tuesday.

No offense to Miss Genie Exum here, as I don't know her personally, but this chick is fuckin nuts. 

And if you're anything like me, that's a major turn-on.

As everybody should be aware, there is a direct correlation between "hot" and "crazy".

Any girl can be attractive. 

But eventually looks fade no matter how beautiful you are. So how do you keep your guy interested? 

1- by being a savage in the sack.


2- by keeping things interesting by being a raging fucking lunatic.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to presume that Genie here checks both those boxes here.

For one, yelling to reporters upon getting out on bail to "Subscribe to my Only Fans" is evidence she gives zero fucks.

And two, look at her boyfriend's lawyer's statement-

Exum’s public defender, Brooke Quincy Myers, of  Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem claimed the victim — who he described as “an older man, much larger than Ms. Exum” — told him that he “doesn’t want the case going forward.”

Of course he doesn't. Guy is in for the craziest, wall climbing, furniture-breaking sex of his life. 

Congrats to these two crazy lovebirds.

p.s. - this is what he looks like

sorry. Here's more of Genie-