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Coaching 101: Antonio Conte Plans On Delivering His Infamous Sex Tips To Players If He Becomes Manchester United's Manager

This is coaching 101. Antonio Conte, one of the most known managers in soccer, is reportedly trying to get the Manchester United job if they get rid of Ole Gunner Solskjaer. Really think we need to drop the last name and just call him Ole Gunner. That's a SICK name in any country and any sport. If he just went by Ole Gunner he's not facing the pressure of possibly getting fired at Manchester United. He's winning every match with Ronaldo on the roster if he went with it. Just had to get that out there. 

But this is about Antonio Conte and his sex tips for players - something he did when he was the manager at Inter Milan. They are A+ tips too. Look at some of these gems. (h/t The Sun)

"During spells of matches the players should not have sexual relations that last for long periods.

"They need to make as little effort as possible.

"The best position for them is if their partners go on top.

"And it is preferable that they are with their own wives.

"That way they are not obliged to put in an exceptional performance."

Looks like I can be an elite soccer player under Conte. Make as little effort as possible? Not last long? Not even OBLIGED to put in an exceptional performance? This is every regular ass dude's wheelhouse. Plus you have all the built in excuses. Oh sorry, that only lasted a minute, coach's rule. Nothing I can do about it. Just following the rules that helps make me a millionaire. 

And now let's take a minute to think about the women who would have to deal with the new rules if Conte takes over. 

Maria Zulay (Paul Pogba's wife) 

Edurne Garcia (David de Gea's wife)

Monique Salum (Fred's partner) 

Georgina Rodriguez (Ronaldo's partner)