The Artist Formerly Known As Kanye West Is Walking Around Italy Undercover Wearing A Giant White Mask

So Dante blogged this earlier today, which I thought would be the more interesting thing involving Mr. West that I would read about today. Then I saw this.

Did Kanye Ye do it again or did Kanye Ye do it again? How original, revolutionary, and artistic! How is walking around Italy as a masked Michaelangelo Myers any and all of those things? I'm not sure. But I guarantee any Ye fan in your life will give you a list of reasons why!

If I know my Ye, these zany stories are likely all connected that ends with him announcing a new project for his followers, I mean fans, to buy. His new album is already out, so I guess a Ye World Tour is the next logical step? Nonetheless, #ThankYouYe for giving us a couple of memeworhty pictures by turning into Kanye Havoc for whatever you are pushing next right as Sad Boy Season kicks off.

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