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Jerry Jones Sharing An Open Mouth Kiss With His Son May Be The Final Infinity Stone The Cowboys Need For A Super Bowl Run

Just when I thought yesterday couldn't have been a tougher day for fans of the Giants and Washington Football Team, we got confirmation that the Cowboys are about to jump another level or five from the rest of the trash heap in the NFC Least (Boom, roasted). It was clear Dallas already had a franchise quarterback, a video game offense that can beat you in a multitude of ways with a line that can block, legitimate playmakers on defense, great coordinators calling the shots in all three aspects of the game, and a coach that will roll up his sleeves then smash watermelons when times get tough. 

But there was always that X factor missing from the Cowboys that never had them feeling like they deserved a spot at the big boy table of NFL contenders. Something you can't really put your finger on. A je ne sais quoi that couldn't be quantified, like the Soul Stone. 

As is usually the case that great unknown was love, which in this instance was the deep-rooted love between father and son that allowed for an open mouth kiss, which as we know is the move of the greatest winner in NFL history.

The fact that this kiss happened at the same stadium where that winner used to play his home games at is at the very least ironic and at most a cosmic sign from the Football Gods themselves.

There have been plenty of debates about kissing your parents on the mouth and I'm sure there were plenty more after this clip hit millions of peoples' eyeballs. But I think I can speak for everyone when I say that if Mrs. Jerruh locked lips with her husband and his son at the same time to create a Cowboys triple kiss, this conversation would be slightly different and the video would be doing work on the algorithm that decides what goes up on the front page of PornHub. 

However that didn't happen and instead we are left with a Cowboys team that appears to have all six aspects of a championship team locked in place and ready to decimate anybody that opposes them.