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'Sopranos' Deleted Scenes Are High Comedy

"The Sopranos" are back in the mainstream with Many Saints Of Newark's release. But the diehards always seem to be on another rewatch, or just popping on random episodes like comfort food. 

Regardless of if you only watched over quarantine for the first time or have watched it a million times, we can all agree... We need more of these deleted scenes. Give me all of them somehow... someway. 

This is the first deleted scene I have ever watched and boy did it deliver. Junior Soprano worrying he's being followed. The whole family trying to assure him he's okay, but still allowing him to use Janice and Bobby's baby as a "shield" to protect cameras and reporters. Hysterical. 

We touched on it in the Sopranos Snake Draft: The Sopranos will always be a terrific drama, but it's lasting legacy will be how great the unintentional comedy of the show was. Scenes like this one just cement that 25 years after its release.

Shoutout to @thesopranosfamily on Instagram for the link who is a great follow, and my personal friend DJ Mikeyy Blingzz for sharing it on his story where I saw it. 

If you happen to find anymore deleted scenes feel free to DM @Return_Of_RB